new RPNenh page (2009)


Here are few screenshots of RPN-Enh calculator.
Please don't forget it's a BETA version, I put my effort on MATHEMATICAL stuff, I'll work on presentation later.

I left screenshots of old versions, to let you see evolutions...



You have here : a list,
a program
and a date (gregorian)


Hit TAB key, this list of functions appears, you can select and run the function you want.


on stack, you have,
  • a number,
  • a complex,
  • a 2x2 matrix
  • ,
  • and a list of ( matrix, string, hex )
2 strings on the stack, a file name and a file contents

Thank to FileRead you can read content of a file easily !
RPNenh allow you to manipulate file..

I've click on hlp (bottom), it open a panel on the bottom. when you mouve your mouse hover a button, you can have informations about it. (stack requirement...)


a list of 3 complex number, in rational mode, see the at the upper-right


a 3x3 matrix and a binary on the stack.
The same but the main menu is open. You can here select which functions you wants (here, Trigo is selected)