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Please find here a list of handled functions in RPN-Enh
I do not give a list of all functions, here are just an overview of some examples... see here of all function handled in last release + TODO

new RPNenh page (2009)
function name note example
Sqr compute square root of a number/complex

can also compute Sqr on all items of a list
example 1
2 Sqr gives 1.4142135..

example 2 (with complex)
(-1;0) Sqr gives { (0;1) (0;-1) }
there are the two roots of -1 !!

example 3 (a list)
{1 2 3} Sqr gives {1 1.41.. 1.73..}
x^y x power y

can be used as xroot

usefull to get all roots of complex
example 1
2 3 x^y compute 2^3 and gives : 8

example 2
2 3 1/x x^y compute 2^(1/3) and gives 1.259..
example 3 (complex)
(1;1) 3 x^y gives (-2;2)

example 4 (complex)
(1;1) 3 1/x x^y gives {(1.08;0.29)(-0.79;0.79)(-0.29;-1.08)}
there are the 3 roots of (1;1) complex number, and are given in a list. (1;1)^1/3
e exp exemple 1
2 e gives 7.389..

exemple 2 complex
(2;1) e gives (3.99;6.21)
SIN compute a sine note that angles are given is radians.
exemple 1
PI 3 / SIN gives 0.866..
now, just click on button (upper-right) and now 0.866 is displayed as sqr(3)/2
yes : sin(pi/3) = sqr(3)/2

exemple 2 complex
(2;1) SIN gives (1.403;-0.489)
C->R@explode a complex in rho theta exemple
(1;1) C->R@ gives 1.414213 0.78539
ok, now go into rational mode display (click on ) you will see the results displayed as : Sqr(2) pi/4
sqr(2) is the module and pi/4 is the angle.

when you are in rational mode display, just the display is affected, value are stored with all digits.
/complex division exemple
(1;1) (0;-1) / gives (-1;1)
means that (1+i)/-i = -1+i
change complex display mode
to switch polar/rect. mode
exemple go into polar
(-1;1) <>(x;y) gives (1.4142 @:2.3561)
if you are in rational mode display you will get (sqr(2) @:3*pi/4)
exemple go into rect.
(1.4142 @:2.3561) <>(r;@) gives (-1;1)
DET Compute a DET on a real/complex matrix exemple 1
[[1 2 3][-1 1 1][2 3 3]] DET gives -5

exemple 2 complex
[[1 2][(-1;1) 1]] DET gives (3;-2)

/ vector / matrix
system solving
How to solve this system ?
{ 3x     + (1-i)y = 1
{ (2+i)x + iy     = 1+i
That simple, just type that :
[1 (1;1)] [[3 (1;-1)][(2;1) (0;1)]] / and you will get the x and y :[[(0.4;0.2)][(0.2;-0.4)]]
that mean that x = 0.4 + i*0.2
and y = 0.2 - i*0.4
how to encode a file in base64 ?
  • drag-and-drop a file into RPN-Enh or directly make a string with file path/name
    example :"C:\boot.ini"
  • Use the FileRead function to get the content of the file on the stack
    FileRead gives "[boot loader]·¶timeout=30·¶default"
  • Now you can encode in base64
    use function ->B64, it gives "W2Jvb3QgbG9h..."
  • type a new name for this file and write it
    "c:\boot.base64" FileWrite
that's it.. easy no?
You can easily (and safely) decode an email attachment by selecting in email source the base64 attachement code, just drag-and-drop it into RPNEnh and use B64->.
PRIMES list of prime numbers example
a list of the 10 first prime numbers :
10 PRIMES gives { 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29}
Factors split a number with prime numbers example
63 Factors gives { 3 3 7 } because 63 = 3*3*7

List of all functions handled in beta 0.43 (Sept'2003)

CategoryfunctionsTODO (not yet handled)status
General+ - * / NEG ^2 x^y PI 1/x Sqr e 10^x MOD ABS ln log ax˛+bx+ccomplete!
ComplexC->XY C->R@ XY->C <>(x;y) conjcomplete!
Bases>DMS >DEC >BIN >HEX complete!
MatrixDET []-> ->[] tr COMAT []->{} {}->[] PCAR ID RndMX DelRowdim rank89%
Listslist-> ->list add get sum reverse sort size head min maxcomplete!
Stringsstr-> ->str add len chr asc get md5 ->B64 B64-> head repl fill dispCRC1698%
Pourcenty%x d% x-y% x+y% x%+y% S+x%ncomplete
Statsum mean Stdevcomplete
ArithmFactors FACT PRIMESPGCD/LCD PPCM/LCM nPr Cnpnot urgent
FileFileRead FileWrite md5f FileReadCVScomplete!
VectorsPrdScal PrdVect PrdVect VectAnglecomplete!
Polynomialspoly->list list->poly Roots PolyDraw Roots->Polycomplete!
ScriptSerialize unSerialise SetMenu SendKeys Time FOR...NEXT list->script VAR-Menurunnot urgent

If you would like to see new other functions, just ask me, it's free and I always reply.
english is not my native language,If there are any mistake, please let me know !!!

check history here.

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