The basis of RPN - Chapter 2

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Notes about negative value in RPN-Enh

in RPN-enh, when entering negative values for matrix, lists or complex, you can type directly value with the minus sign.
ex : [ 1 -1 -1] or {-1 -2 -3} or (-1;0) the reason is simple, the calculator knows you are not working with stack because you start working with matrix/lists.. you first hit [ or { or (, in this way when you hit - system does not try to compute a substraction.

hit ( key, a specific entry screen appears :

now type -1, you can now move your cusor to the right to enter 1, you can see that you have now (-1;1), press the enter key, you've just created a complex number (-1;1).
There are no trouble to enter negative values in matrix/complexes/lists.

If you want to enter negative value for numbers which are not in matrix/lists or complexe number, you have to use NEG command.
Because if you try to hit - key, the system will interpret it as a substraction.