NDD (stand for New-Dir-Diff) is a tool that help user to check if two folders are the same, it checks for files and subfolder and display graphically all differences, and let user to update one of the two folders.


The former EZ folderFx project was quite old, and suffer many limitations.
Once a day, in 2007, someone (Franck L.) contacted me to unfroze this old project and ask my sources to update it, he made a very good job, then I decided to revive this project.
Franck enhanced it a lot, for few month with me, and I continued a little bit after him.
My main reason for changing the name to NDD was because I spent a lot of hours to get rid of the FSO (File System Object) that make live easyer for developper but that make program so slow.
By removing FSO, NDD is at least 2 times faster on local HD, and 10 times faster on network share. Other reason is I was fed up of the old name.

Most limitations have been removed, and many new options have been added.



download version

Beta version

Next is 1.5, no estimation for a release date yet.
Features : Ask me if you want to test it.
to be continued...