Hp48g/s are greats calculators. they use RPN notation as well as Algebraic one.
Many tools/softwares have been developped for it.


Find here the best tools I could found :
G/GX Pct57Gx The famous PCTool
plus : MICRO-VIEW (V), FLAGBROWSER 3.0 (FB), VV (from Jazz 5.9), BZ4 (BZ).. and more !
read txt file for installation...
S/SX/G/GX MthPlus Tools to handle polynomial or other math object.
some part may be in french.
S/SX LIB1297sx:LibMaker2.0 a great tool to build LIB for a S/SX 3/5
S/SX LIBEX The Library exploder. a must have to break lib. 4/5
PC (txt) Stk compare (txt) a text file to compare a lot (18) stack replacement programs (few in french) 3/5
G/GX ranch2 a very small Stack Replacment prog.
quick, small, accurate : cool
G/GX QPI 3.3 The famous QPIRAC for G/GX 5/5
S/SX QPI 3 The famous QPIRAC for S/SX 5/5


If you would like to compute with RPN while you use your PC :

Docs in French :

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