If you are not experianced with the great SGrid 2 made by Steve McMahon, you may find difficulty to start using it...
So you will find in this page the basics about installing and first step for absGrid.

Please note that AbsGrid works with Visual Basic 6 only. (ms visual studio 98)

Quick start to AbsGrid : Installation

AbsGrid have same dependancies than Sgrid2, no more, no less.

note : you can register easily your ocx/dll with that reg file.
Here is absgrid.ocx file, it's the core file of this library.

Quick start to AbsGrid : VB6 Project settings

once DLL are registered,
open VB6, go to project menu, click on Components :
select asbgrid.
now the control appear on the toolbar.

First Usage : Basics

Place the control on a form, just call it G.

As you can see there are a lot of properties that you can manage graphically...

open the code window, on Form_Load sub...

and type the following :
G.AddColumn "key1", "header1" to create a new column.
and G.Addrow allow to create a row of data

Like AddColumn you can define a lot of optional parameters in AddRow.

Once a row is created, you can fill cell content with Cell(row,col)

G.Rows gives the numbers of rows (one in this example)
Cell object offers a lot of parameters...

download this first simple project to learn how to use AbsGrid basics.

This source covers :

source content

Private Sub Form_Load()

    G.AddColumn "key1", "header1", , , 100
    G.AddColumn "key2", "header2"
    G.AddColumn "key3", "header3", ecgHdrTextALignRight, , 60, , True

    G.ColumnFireClickEvent("key3") = True ' only 3rd column will raise Click evt
    G.Editable = False ' no need to invoke Edit events..
    G.HideGroupingBox = True
    G.noMsImg32 = True

    G.cell(G.Rows, 1).Text = "blahblah"
    G.cell(1, 2).Text = "a"
    G.cell(1, 3).Text = "b"
    G.cell(1, 3).BackColor = RGB(228, 228, 255) ' light blue

    '2nd row
    G.cell(2, 1).Text = "hello"
    G.cell(2, 2).Text = "a"
    G.cell(2, 3).Text = "x"

    '3nd row
    G.cell(3, 1).Text = "another font"
    G.cell(3, 2).Text = "b"
    G.cell(3, 3).Text = "ha ha"
    G.cell(3, 3).ForeColor = RGB(240, 50, 50)

    Dim f As New StdFont
    f.Name = "Arial"
    f.Italic = True
    f.Size = 12
    Set G.cell(3, 1).Font = f

End Sub

Private Sub G_CellClick(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal lRow As Long, ByVal lCol As Long)
    MsgBox "clicked on row " & lRow
End Sub

Private Sub Combo_Click()
    G.InlineGrpDisp = CLng(Combo.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub Command_Click()
    G.InlineGrpActive 2 'group on column nr 2
    Combo.Enabled = True
    Combo = 10
    Label.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub fill_combo()
    Combo.AddItem "0" 'few mode as example...
    Combo.AddItem "2"
    Combo.AddItem "3"
    Combo.AddItem "8"
    Combo.AddItem "10"
    Combo.AddItem "20"
    Combo.AddItem "60"
    Combo.AddItem "80"
End Sub

Now you are ready to play with this grid.
don't forget to deploy dependancies (dll..) with your project setup
I recomand innoSetup that is very easy (and free)

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