Wellcome to my new web site.

Please note that this web site is under construction from April 2009.
Few pages may still missing, sorry for that.

new website progress

Progress about website rebuilt :
Page/sectionProgress/statusLast update
generalnew layout, menu and banner : almost complete29th of March 2009
AbsGrid75% done. built from scratch3rd of april 2009
hp48100% complete. one small page converted from old site1st of april 2009
EZFoldFx100% complete. one small page converted from old site4th of april 2009
nddalmost 100% complete. one new page4th of april 2009
miniRPN100% complete. oen small page converted4th of april 2009
Games0% complete : a big project
xout80% converted4th of april 2009
homesite0% complete, a simple page
RPNenh0% complete. just placed a link to previous page is here4th of april 2009


I plan to release the following projects in the comming weeks: And in the comming month, the famouse game I'm building in C++/SDL for more than two year now.
This project will be opensource, released on Win32 and Linux, also I would like to port it to the Wii. if you have experiance to port SDL game to wii please let me know information about that, thank you.

Help wanted

I create softwares and manage this website on my free time, and my softwares are all free (freeware)

I need help, your help is welcomed to find and fix mistake I made in my pages, to promote software I created, to make a link to my website, to perform tests, to makes comments, advices...
even if it's just to fix a word I misspelled, you can contact me at xout@free.fr

Thank you.